Talking to Dad

Accomplishing Communicative Goals

This section highlights my ability as a leader to work with others to co-create goals and collaboratively problem solve situations. I also explain how I evaluate and improve my own communication strengths and weaknesses.

Talking to Dad

About six months after I started leading a kids small group at my church, the other leaders and I wanted to start praying with the kids during our weekly meetings. We had experienced the power of prayer in our own lives and wanted the kids to know how big God could move in their lives too. We started keeping a prayer journal in our classroom. Every week we talked about what was going on in their lives and prayed for them. As it became part of our routine, some of the kids started asking, “are we going to pray today?! I have something I want to pray about” and they even started doing some of the praying themselves. I learned that an important part of facilitating this “prayer time” was the way I talked about it. Most kids wouldn’t be interested in having some formal prayer time, but if I frame it as talking to God or talking to our Dad who loves to hear from us, they hear about God being personal, somebody who loves them and cares about their lives. It’s also fun for the other leaders and I to share stories from our lives where God answered our prayers.  



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