Influencing Discourse

This example shows how I can use my communication and research skills to frame and evaluate personal, local, national, and global issues, in order to productively respond to those issues. I am an advocate for applying best practices in communication within various contexts.


Capstone Paper and Presentation

As my graduating project for my B.A. in Speech Communication, I wrote a paper and presented on a topic that was very dear to me. My topic was my relationship with my husband and how similar experiences we’ve had in life served to deepen our relationship. Those experiences were his family’s move from Mexico, where he had lived the first ten years of his life, to the United States and my experience after returning home from studying abroad for a semester. After these experiences, we both felt a sense of disbelonging and in between two worlds, unsure of how to call home. I spent time reviewing current research about kids and adults like my husband and study abroad students who experienced what I did after coming home. I also studied empathy and how it is developed in our relationships. I combined this current research with my own by conducting an autoethnographic study about my husband’s and my relationship. I reflected on personal journal entries, text messages we sent to each other, and my perceptions of our relationship depth, as it related to those similar experiences. I also had a third party interview Jordan and me separately to reflect more on our connection to each other. Doing this study not only allowed me to learn about a personal relationship in my life, but also apply what I found to other relationships. I learned that I can foster empathy in my relationships with others by seeking to understand their perspectives and I can connect with people in any context by looking for similarities we have. This opens doors for communication and the building of relationships.

Below is a link to download my Capstone paper:



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