Discover UALR

14542513_1680406502279028_3991985156741576529_o Name of Volunteer Service
Discover UALR

Date and Time of Volunteer Service
October 7, 2016

Total hours spent volunteering

During this service project, what did you do?
Discover UALR is a day when prospective students (currently juniors and seniors in high school) can come to our campus to get a feel for what UALR is like. I volunteered at the Applied Communication booth (that’s my major). We did two communication activities, created connections with prospective students that walked by. One was an activity to foster team building; the other was to create connection through eye contact. I participated in leading both activities. 

During this service project, what lessons did you gain?
Some things I learned were:
-Boldness to initiate interactions
-Working with a team toward a common goal
-People are more interested and willing to participate if I, as a volunteer, was confident and enthusiastic in the way that I asked them

During this service project, how did the community benefit?
Prospective students got to experience the culture of UALR, as well as learn what Applied Communication is and how it could be helpful in their lives. It also allowed for students to have fun and make personal reflections on how their own eye-contact habits create or don’t create connections with others. 

How could you replicate this volunteer service to help more people?
Discover UALR is a day that occurs more than once every year, but one way to help more prospective students is to go to the high schools themselves and promote UALR. On a more individual level, we can positively talk to people who do not attend UALR about our University.

Name and contact information for site manager
April Chatham-Carpenter,


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